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L. E. Wright is a web designer with a passion for the creative entrepreneur.

Vibes perfect for the romance author with several books out and room to add more


Ideal for the prolific author who also has a podcast and blog


Perfect for the debut author who might not be published yet, but would like to get ahead of the game with their website


Viber perfect for the prolific author who also has a blog


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Perfect for the fun YA author

Fun and Free



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Why Showit?

So why Showit? Well, it's based off of WordPress so it has all the same powerful SEO capabilities of a native WordPress site, BUT Showit's strength lies with its truly infinite customization. Showit is a wonderful marrying of WordPress and a program like Photoshop. The possibilities are endless.

Did I also mention that they take care of hosting for you? Yeah they have that covered, so no more headaches about what host you're going to use or worrying about how to actually get your site ON the hosting service. It's ALL built in. They also have a phenomenal support team!

Want a blog? It’s built in and ready to go with Showit!


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