L. E. Wright Web Design, Writing, Life

A quick promo before the main part of this episode! As summer comes to a close, there are some end of summer promotions from the Kindle Vella author community! https://books.bookfunnel.com/summerkindlevella/wzpfrgabcy and https://books.bookfunnel.com/kindlevellamysteryfrantasyandmore/9lscvotql5 The first 3 episodes of every Vella are free so you can browse and read a bit to try before delving deeper into […]

L. E. Wright Web Design, Writing, Life

Welcome to my first ever post! To start, I’m Lauren. I’m a web designer and indie author with two books of flash fiction, Bump In The Night and Morning Musings, and currently three Kindle Vellas ongoing called Other Realms, The Circle, and Whisper In The Air. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge over the years, both as a web designer and indie author. Some of my knowledge comes from other authors who have been at it much longer than I, but my goal with this series is to synthesize and present my author knowledge with my web design experience and present my unique take on these two subjects.

About Me

I've been doing some form of storytelling all my life. Be it my own fanifictions in my head to notebooks full of stories. I understand the joy and also huge undertaking writing a novel is like. I also understand that being able to modify and create you own website quickly is invaluable.

Since moving to the Showit platform (which is built on Wordpress!) the process of creating templates and modifying my own website has been a breeze!